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  • Guy Shmuel

The Why System - easy, practical & resultful

Ever wonder how much you can improve your marketing performance just by prioritizing better?

In today’s world, there are endless things to improve in our businesses, and we are constantly overwhelmed with problems we need to choose to deal with. While trying to improve our marketing/sales performances, we usually get lost in the sea of options and eventually prioritize our efforts poorly.

That is why we at Picanti invented a system called the “Why System” which helps us and our clients direct these problems, and the results are amazing! So if you are a CEO, a business owner, a marketeer, or anyone who is looking to improve their marketing performance, read closely, because as easy as it sounds as big as its impact.

The Why System

The Why System is a simple method where you split a table into two, and write on the left side all reasons why customers wouldn’t do your desirable action at your business, such as buy, signup, install, etc. and on the right side write all the reasons why they should and would do these actions. Now let’s deep dive into 3 simple steps of how to do it properly and go over the system’s benefits.

Step one - write it all down

Starting from the macro, we will consider the reasons at a higher level such as lack of brand awareness, competitors, prices, seasonality, and more. 2nd is the micro, think about every single step of your funnel and consider your barriers and strengths. Do my ads talk to my audience? Does my landing page is easy and understandable? does my checkout/signup process is short and to the point? does my product answer my customers' needs? In every step, there will be multiple reasons why not and why yes, write them all down, this will help us create two lists: things we need to improve (why not), and potential messaging to our ads/website (why yes).

Step two - prioritize and review

After writing the two lists, it's time to prioritize and review. on the left - which issues are the ones that are most important to deal with. On the right - which messaging is most important for our customers to hear when considering our brand. This process will help you in two ways - understand how to prioritize your efforts, and also what messaging should be implemented, and used more.

Step three - create action items and be free

Now you know your problems, you know your priority, and it is time to methodically put it all into a plan with action items and be free of the overwhelming options.


This system might sound obvious, but the results are undeniable. we have seen multiple times how easy it’s to get lost and prioritize according to what comes to mind instead of gathering all the information and doing it much more efficiently and effectively. In addition, this method can be applied to other problems such as job search, finding a partner, or even following a diet. It is all about being organized, seeing the whole picture, understanding your obstacles and strengths, and prioritizing efforts accordingly.

About us

Picanti provides advanced User Acquisition Solutions (including PPC) based on technology, data insights, creatives, and tailored strategies for each business. If you are looking to scale your business or learn more about performance marketing, feel free to reach out :)
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